STOP Twitter

STOP Twitter 1.0

这是一个Chrome扩展,允许你控制Twitter的使用时间。您将无法在您设置的时间打开Twitter。你不会过多地使用它,因为它每天在设定的时间工作。 我也有..

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STOP Twitter
STOP Twitter
STOP Twitter

STOP Twitter简介

This is a Chrome Extension that allows you to control the usage time of Twitter. You will not be able to open Twitter at the time you set it. You won’t use it too much because it works at a set time every day.

I’ve had my share of overuse of Twitter. It’s a story that happens everywhere, and every once in a while there’s a day like that.

But when viewed over a long period of time, it turns out to be very time consuming.

According to a survey in Japan, the average Japanese person spends 168 hours a year on Twitter, which is equivalent to the average time spent on Twitter.
(If 16 hours a day is the amount of time you have at your disposal, then 10 and a half days of traveling and meeting someone face-to-face is spent on Twitter.)

By developing this Chrome Extension, I feel that I can now control the time I spend on Twitter. I couldn’t help but want to tweet, and every time I pulled out my smartphone, I realized how dependent I was on it, so I started leaving my phone in my room and going out. (Smartphone screen time has also been reduced by 40%.)

Twitter itself is not a bad thing. Overuse tends to have a negative impact on both body and mind, and it is invisibly reducing the quality of life.









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