Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab

Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab 1.0

满足我们新的良好游戏壁纸新标签扩展所有的好游戏爱好者! 我们对细节进行了大量关注,以使您的浏览过程更加舒适。带来更多的颜色给你的一天与这些良好的游戏高清背景壁纸..

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Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab
Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab
Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab

Good Game Wallpapers Theme New Tab简介

Meet our new Good Game Wallpapers for New Tab extension for all the Good Game lovers!
We paid a lot of attention to the details to make your browsing process more comfortable. Bring more colors to your day with these Good Game HD Background Wallpapers. This product was carefully made by fans and specifically for the Good Game fans. We have collected the best of Good Game Wallpapers HD and put them into this extension so that you can replace the wallpaper of your new tab with your favorite ones. Just install absolutely for FREE and have some fun while browsing! Short list of features provided by this product is given below.
List of Features:
- High-definition wallpaper & backgrounds ;
- Local time;
- Comfortable and quick access to the most viewed websites;
- Option of quick access to useful application like Gmail , Youtube , Facebook etc
- Animation of snow is available!

Step-by-step Good Game HD Wallpapers Chrome Theme installation:
- The first step is to find and click on install bottom at the right upper corner. It might take some time, so please, be patient and wait when the first load is done.
- Second step is customizing of your Chrome New Tab in accordance to your personal needs. It`s not a complicated process, just find the “Options” button in the left upper corner and choose “Settings” tab.
- Done! Now enjoy your awesome New Tab HD with wallpapers and useful features.

How to remove:
- Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome interface.
- Choose the option “Settings”.
- Click on “Extensions” in the appeared menu.
- Choose the extension that you want to eliminate.
- Find the trash icon and click on it.
- Done! Your extension is uninstalled.


我们对细节进行了大量关注,以使您的浏览过程更加舒适。带来更多的颜色给你的一天与这些良好的游戏高清背景壁纸。这款产品是由粉丝精心制作的,专门为Good Game粉丝制作的。我们收集了最好的游戏壁纸高清,并将它们放入这个扩展,这样你就可以用你最喜欢的替换你的新标签的壁纸。只需安装绝对免费,并在浏览时获得一些乐趣!下面给出了本产品提供的功能简短列表。

-第二步是根据您的个人需求定制您的Chrome New Tab。这不是一个复杂的过程,只需在左上角找到 “选项” 按钮,然后选择 “设置” 选项卡。

-选择选项 “设置”。
-在出现的菜单中单击 “扩展”。


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