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Tr 您是否想在youtube视频中将视频的一部分发送给您的朋友?

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YouTube videolarında videonun bir parçasını arkadaşınıza göndermek istediniz mi ?
FromStof bu ihtiyacınızı karşılıyor. Videoyu bilgisayarınıza indirmeden kolayca videonun bir parçasını seçebilir arkadaşlarınız ile paylaşabilirsiniz.
Mesala arkadaşımın bugün doğum günü.
Do you want to send a part of YouTube’s video your friend ?
Meet to FromStof. You can easily share a part of the youtube’s video with your friends also you didn’t have to download .
For example
I wathed a document about Biz Stone. And I take pleasure in Biz Stone’s words.
Send your friend.


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Http:// <zh>
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Do you want to send a part of youtube’s video your friend?
Meet to fromstof.You can easily share a part of the youtube’s video with your friends also you didn’t have to download.
For example
I wasted a document about we stone.And i take pleasure in we stone’s words.
Http:// <zh>

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