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Quick Superweb

Quick Superweb简介

Please read carefully: By installing Quick Superweb, you agree to change your Default Search to Quick Superweb.

How does it work?

Simply start typing your search query in the Omni Bar, also called address bar and perform your first search through Quick Superweb.

For more information about how Quick Superweb works visit


请仔细阅读: 通过安装Quick Superweb,您同意将默认搜索更改为Quick Superweb。


只需在Omni Bar (也称为地址栏) 中输入搜索查询,并通过Quick Superweb进行第一次搜索。

有关Quick Superweb工作原理的更多信息,请访问
Https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/ settings_override。


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