Twitter Slimmer - hide likes and retweets

Twitter Slimmer - hide likes and retweets 1.0.0

这隐藏了所有的转发和喜欢。 这是一个版本1发布。如果有足够的兴趣和评论,我会解决这些问题: * 没有选择只隐藏转发或喜欢 * 有更多的东西,删除这个版本不包括在..

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Twitter Slimmer - hide likes and retweets

Twitter Slimmer简介

This hides all retweets and likes.
This is a version 1 release. If there is enough interest and reviews, I will tackle these issues:
* no options to just hide retweets or likes
* there is more stuff that would be nice to remove that isn’t covered in this release
* some jitteriness when scrolling. This is caused by how twitter popps in new content as you scroll, and this extension zaps away the unwanted items.

If you like this, write a review. If you could see further improvements, also include that in the review.


* 没有选择只隐藏转发或喜欢
* 有更多的东西,删除这个版本不包括在此版本
* 滚动时有些抖动。这是由于twitter在滚动时如何在新内容中弹出,并且此扩展删除不需要的项目。



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