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您想从网站下载图片吗?使用我们的扩展程序快速下载尽可能多的图像。无论你是什么网站或社交网络,悬停在图像上,然后点击按钮将其下载到您的计算机。 当您将鼠标悬停在图..

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Download an image

Download an image简介

Would you like to download an image from a website? Quickly download as many images as you like with our extension. Whatever site or social network you are on, hover over the image and click the button to download it to your computer.

When you hover over the image, a download button will appear at its bottom right. Click the download button for a rapid download.
With this extension, downloading full-size images will no longer be any kind of problem. Just one click is all it takes to store an image for later use, so that you can enjoy its every detail on your computer. Use this extension whenever you like and on any page you like – it’s quick and easy.

This extension does not store, change or transmit any of your personal data (e.g. names, passwords or contact list).




此扩展不会存储、更改或传输您的任何个人数据 (例如姓名、密码或联系人列表)。


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