Current Bitcoin price viewer

Current Bitcoin price viewer 1.2

保持跟踪美元的比特币 (BTC) 价格与这个超级简单的扩展将出现在右上角告诉当前价格。 点击查看比特币更详细的价值。开发简单,使其运行速度快,没有额外的 &ld..

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Current Bitcoin price viewer
Current Bitcoin price viewer

Current Bitcoin price viewer简介

Keep track on the Bitcoin (BTC) price in USD all the time with this super simple extension which will appear in the top right telling the current price.

Click to see the more detailed value of bitcoin. Developed simply so that it runs fast and with no extra “fluff”.


保持跟踪美元的比特币 (BTC) 价格与这个超级简单的扩展将出现在右上角告诉当前价格。

点击查看比特币更详细的价值。开发简单,使其运行速度快,没有额外的 “绒毛”。


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