The Wife Wallpapers NewTab Theme

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The Wife Wallpapers NewTab Theme
The Wife Wallpapers NewTab Theme
The Wife Wallpapers NewTab Theme

The Wife Wallpapers NewTab Theme简介

Our extension The Wife Wallpapers will completely transform the screen of your monitor! Having installed our extension you will get beautiful colorful backgrounds that you can enjoy during work. The extension will replace the boring theme of your browser on stunning KEYWORDThe Wife Wallpapers and modifies the default search. You can configure this parameter in the settings.. Cause, we think that your new tab deserves more! That’s why we created our The Wife Wallpapers collection because you love it! Every time you open a new tab in browser, you will be waiting for a new wonderful theme!

Start enjoying the magnificent collection of breathtaking high-resolution photos and other great features. All the pictures collected in our extension have the highest quality.
Having installed the extension The Wife Wallpapers, you can fully customize your browser under yourself, making it unique! The images of a favorite The Wife Wallpapers as themes on new tabs will delight you throughout the entire time that you spend behind your computer!

The extension doesn’t degrade the performance of the computer, it is designed only for fun and for the personal comfort of the user.
To enjoy the beauty, you now don’t even need to get up of the your computer!


我们的扩展妻子壁纸将完全改变你的显示器的屏幕!安装了我们的扩展,您将获得美丽的彩色背景,您可以在工作期间享受。该扩展将取代你的浏览器上令人惊叹的KEYWORD的妻子壁纸和修改默认搜索的无聊的主题。您可以在设置中配置此参数 ..因为,我们认为你的新标签值得更多!这就是为什么我们创建了我们的妻子壁纸系列,因为你喜欢它!每次您在浏览器中打开一个新标签,您将等待一个新的精彩主题!




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