Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme

Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme 0.0.1

Emmylou Harris新选项卡主题为您的浏览器创建。它完全改变了你的浏览器体验。您将在Chrome浏览器的背景下拥有您心爱的Emmylou Harris。..

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Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme
Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme
Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme
Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme

Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme简介

Emmylou Harris New Tab Theme is created for your browser. It completely changes your browser experience. You will have your beloved Emmylou Harris in background of your Chrome browser.

Emmylou Harris extensions comes with some great features. These features is as below;

- Randomly changing wallpapers of Emmylou Harris. Every time you open a new tab a new background welcome you.
- You can favorite an individual wallpaper of Emmylou Harris and it will sticky to your browser.
- The date feature, it show on the right below corner of the screen.
- Quick Links to connect you directly social networks and shopping websites

We will also add new features by the time and update you. You can also request new features. We will consider to add them.

Are you enjoying Emmylou Harris extension? We suggest you to take a look our other extensions. You can reach these extension by visiting singertab.com


Emmylou Harris新选项卡主题为您的浏览器创建。它完全改变了你的浏览器体验。您将在Chrome浏览器的背景下拥有您心爱的Emmylou Harris。

Emmylou Harris扩展带有一些很棒的功能。这些功能如下;

-Emmylou Harris的随机变化壁纸。每次你打开一个新标签一个新的背景欢迎你。
-您可以喜欢Emmylou Harris的个人壁纸,它会粘到您的浏览器。


你在享受Emmylou Harris分机吗?我们建议您看看我们的其他扩展。您可以通过访问singertab.com来达到这些扩展


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