Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB

Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB 2.0

Slushy Soldier Fortnite壁纸新TABBy Megathemes 这个扩展将是所有堡垒之夜球迷的完美选择。安装此应用程序,并为您的浏览器获得..

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Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB
Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB
Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB
Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB

Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB简介

Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB - By Megathemes

This extension will be perfect for all Fortnite fans. Install this app and get perfect Slushy Soldier Fortnite Skin Wallpapers for your browser!

What do you get?

- Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers in HD quality;
- Links button which lets you quickly access some of the most popular sites, such as YouTube, Google, or Facebook;
- Digital clock placed in the center. You can pick 12h or 24h format and even choose whether you want it to display time with seconds, or not;
- Special greeting placed in the center, which lets you add your own name;
- Add Todo list by clicking on “Todo” button in the lower right corner;
- Custom search bar which can be turned on or off;
- Inspiring quotes that will show up each time you open a new tab page;
- Refresh button, placed in the lower left corner;
- Settings button in the lower left corner which gives you the ability to enable or disable all features, choose your favorite wallpapers, enable Todo list or expand it, adjust the clock, enable links or expand them, turn search on or off, and enable or disable quotes

-If you like Slushy Soldier Fortnite Wallpapers NEW TAB extension and you want some more themes, visit and pick your favorite.

- Disclaimer: We are not representing any official app or any product, and we are not trying to pretend to be someone else. All of our extensions are made by the fans and intended for Fortnite fans. All extensions are completely free, and are not sponsored or associated with mentioned companies, or their trademarks. However, some parts of our extensions might contain ads. Since most of the wallpapers we use are found on the web, please contact us if we broke your copyright, and we will remove them immediately.


Slushy Soldier Fortnite壁纸新TAB - By Megathemes

这个扩展将是所有堡垒之夜球迷的完美选择。安装此应用程序,并为您的浏览器获得完美的Slushy Soldier Fortnite皮肤壁纸!


-通过点击右下角的 “Todo” 按钮添加Todo列表;

-如果你喜欢Slushy Soldier Fortnite壁纸新的TAB扩展,你想要一些更多的主题,访问Megatemes.info并选择你最喜欢的。

-免责声明: 我们不是代表任何官方应用程序或任何产品,我们也不是试图假装别人。我们所有的扩展都是由粉丝制作的,并为堡垒之友的粉丝准备的。所有扩展都是完全免费的,并且没有赞助或与提到的公司或其商标相关联。但是,我们扩展的某些部分可能包含广告。由于我们使用的大多数壁纸都是在网络上找到的,如果我们破坏了您的版权,请联系我们,我们将立即将其删除。


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