disregard that, i’m an asshole

disregard that, i’m an asshole 0.0.1

一种用于在线松弛通信的被动侵略性表情符号过滤系统。 你是否厌倦了被动的攻击性表情符号,让你原本无情的正式和专业的工作环境?你不是在用火灭火上面吗? 这个方便的花..

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disregard that, i’m an asshole

disregard that, i’m an asshole简介

A passive aggressive emoji filtering system for online slack communications.

Are you sick of passive aggressive emojis peppering your otherwise ruthlessly formal and professional work environment? Are you not above fighting fire with fire?

This handy dandy chrome extension will perform advanced sentiment analysis on all messages that happen to pass into your field of vision during your everyday slack activity, and replace that which is subtly smug and conceited with something more overtly ridiculous.

A very petty way of reducing the smug cloud density in your life.







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