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New UpdateVersion 1.1.0 * Added a panel dedicated for baking conversions Convert an ingredients weight to volumei.e "250 grams of flour to cups..

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*** New Update - Version 1.1.0 ***
* Added a panel dedicated for baking conversions.
Convert an ingredients weight to volume - i.e “250 grams of flour to cups”
Convert an ingredients volume to weight - i.e “1 cup of flour to ounces”

* Users can select between Metric/Imperial & US versions of Gallon/Cup/Spoon volumes via drop down.

*** Update Version 1.0.0 ***
* Convert From Unix timestamp to Date
i.e “12343423s to Date in New York”, “55h to Date as YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss”

* Data and Data Speed
i.e 150Mb/s to MB/s, 12343Bytes to KiloBits

* Improved Autocomplete

* Convert Metric Volume Units to Imperial & US Volume units
i.e 2 Metric Cups to Imperial Cups Imperial Tablespoons


Converting of units has never been easier thanks to ConvertMyUnits!

ConvertMyUnits converts a multitude of units directly with in web pages without the need of another tool.

Simply select the text you want to convert, right click and click on the unit and a popup will appear on the page with multiple conversions for that unit. You can also decide the conversion for yourself.

It provides so much more than simple conversions……

Built directly into the plugin is a powerful expression engine that provides the ability to express related units in a variety of ways as well as add / subtract / divide and multiply related units.

Convert centimeters to feet and inches
“140cm in ft inches”

Convert stone and pounds to kilograms and grams
“10stone 4pounds to kg g”

Convert hours minutes and seconds to seconds
“4h 21min 45seconds to seconds”

Examples of addition / multiplication / division / subtraction….


Add related weight units converted to Pounds
“4kg + 20pounds - 34g in pounds”

Add Area units converted Hectares
“1km2 + 400acres in hectares”

Divide Distance by Time and convert to Pace (Great for runners)
i.e “10km/46:21 to min sec/km”

It also supports clock subtraction so you can get the duration between two times.
For instance if you need the to calculate duration of log file.

For Example
“4:21:34.123 - 12:34:21.234” would give you — “8 hours 12 minutes 47 seconds 111 milliseconds”

Give it a try and if you think its useful it would be great if you could spread the word and review it. If you would like improvements and changes you can leave a comment also.

All the great feature can also be accessed from -



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