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LikePwner este o aplicatie simpla pentru Chrome care iti permite vizualizarea continutului ascuns care nu este afisat pana cand nu dai like sau share pe Facebook, Twitter etc. Extensia suporta momentan:

1. ONP Social Locker
2. Like Gate
3. Share Locker
4. YouTube Blocker
5. UI Social Locker
6. Share But
7. Social Block
8. Viral Locker

Continutul ascuns (video, imagine, text, sau o combinatie intre acestea) va fi afisat intr-un pop-up.’

Nou in versiunea 1.8:

a. Design nou pentru pop-up (light)
b. Focus pe pop-up (background acoperit cu overlay semi-transparent)

Nou in versiunea 1.7:

a. Am adaugat suport pentru Viral Locker
b. Am modificat gradientul pentru background
c. Iconite cu margini transparente
d. Elimina inca un overlay

Nou in versiunea 1.6:

a. Am adaugat suport pentru Social Block

Nou in versiunea 1.5:

a. Am adaugat suport pentru Share But
b. Am adaugat remove pentru inca un overlay

Nou in versiunea 1.4:

a. Afisare printr-un click - continutul este afisat la click pe iconita (a fost scos meniul)
b. Continutul este afisat intr-un pop-up modal care poate fi inchis
c. Inaltimea popup-ului este automat setata
d. Elimina overlayul pentru Facebook like
e. Continutul este centrat in pop-up
f. Detectia pentru Share Locker video a fost imbunatatita

Este imbunatatita in mod activ pentru a suporta cat mai multe lockere. Daca doresti sa raportezi o eroare, sa adaug un nou locker, sa oferi o sugestie, sau pur si simplu sa zici “Multumesc!”, o poti face la adresa sau poti lasa un review/comentariu.


LikePwner is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to see various content that is hidden until you like/share it on Facebook, Twitter etc. The extensions currently supports:

1. ONP Social Locker
2. Like Gate
3. Share Locker
4. YouTube Blocker
5. UI Social Locker
6. Share But
7. Social Block
8. Viral Locker

The hidden content (video, image, text, or a combination of them) will be displayed in a pop-up.

New in version 1.8:

a. New pop-up look (light)
b. Focus on the pop-up (semi-transparent overlay over the background)

New in version 1.7:

a. Added support for Viral Locker
b. Background gradient slightly changed
c. Icons with transparent background
d. It removes one more overlay

New in version 1.6:

a. Added support for Social Block

New in version 1.5:

a. Added support for Share But
b. It removes one more overlay

New in version 1.4:

a. One-click action - just click on the icon and the content is displayed right away (no more menu)
b. The content is displayed in a modal pop-up that can be closed
c. The height of the pop-up is automatically set
d. It removes Facebook like overlay
e. The content is centered inside the pop-up
f. Share Locker video detection is more accurate

It is actively improved in order to support as many lockers as possible. If you want to report any issues, add a new locker, make a suggestion, or simply say, “Thank you!”, please do it at or write a review/comment.


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