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Weather Expert Hub
Weather Expert Hub
Weather Expert Hub
Weather Expert Hub

Weather Expert Hub简介

The Weather Expert Hub extension is here to supply you with useful weather links and weather searching capabilities.
With Weather Expert Hub you get a new tab extension that provides you with:
- Links to the top and most popular weather providers.
- Quicklinks to shopping and commonly used social sites.
- Convenient web search powered by Yahoo! from your new tab and address bar
- Weather Expert Hub will also prompt you daily with access to the most popular weather providers as well as personalized weather forecasts to get your day started.
Access your weather forecast from your browser’s OmniBar with 5 easy steps:
1. Just type “weather” into the OmniBar
2. Press space or tab
3. Type your zip code or city
4. Press enter
5. New window will open and with your forecast shown.
After you set your default weather provider, the next time you search for “weather” in the OmniBar, your next search will allow you to go directly to whatever keyword you type in. This allows you to easily search for the weather you are looking for.
Weather Expert Hub will also prompt you daily with access to searching as well as personalized weather forecasts to get your day started. You can opt out of this feature at any time from the settings widget.
You can also use the settings widget at the bottom right of the new tab page to adjust your personal experience.
Click “Add To Chrome” above to get started for free from your browser’s new tab.
Our extension can be removed at any time.
This tool contains links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or in any way affiliated with our company or this product: Weather Expert Hub. Please note that our company or this tool does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites. For more information visit our Terms of Use page listed below.
Permissions & Reasons Used
Our extension only uses the minimum permissions required.
Install Dialog:
“Read and change your data on all sites”
Permission: “://*”
Reason: “This allows our extension to work properly. We only request access to the website our extension runs on.”
“Replace the page you see when opening a new tab”
Reason: “This means you are installing our new tab extension. Every time you open your Chrome browser you will see our website and all of its useful features.”
“Read your browsing history”
Permission: “Tabs”
Reason: “We use tabs to ensure we can offer you additional optional products. It also allows us to give you access to your daily feature and other useful tools. We do not store or transmit any of your browsing history.”
Additional Permissions Used:
Permission: “Cookies”
Reason: “Cookies are used to ensure you get the right user experience when you install our extension. Our extension only grabs the cookies we set on our pages.”
Permission: “Alarms”
Reason: “This is to control the timing of daily feature ensuring you get access to helpful links as well as a personalized weather forecast. We use alarms to make sure you don’t receive daily feature more than you should.”
Permission: “Storage”
Reason: “Used to save technical information locally on the extension to ensure you see the right content.”
Permission: “contextMenus”
Reason: “This allows us to show you the “About” page in our browseraction.”
Permission: “webRequestBlocking” and “webRequest”
Reason: “This allows us to properly show you the search results you are looking for by sending you to the right place. Without it you would end up seeing the wrong Yahoo search results.”


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