Boruto New Tab

Boruto New Tab 1.1.2

Welcome to the Boruto Chrome New Tab & Wallpapers Collection. We have prepared for you Japanese manga Boruto completely free Boruto plugin wa..

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Boruto New Tab
Boruto New Tab
Boruto New Tab
Boruto New Tab

Boruto New Tab简介

Welcome to the Boruto Chrome New Tab & Wallpapers Collection.

We have prepared for you Japanese manga Boruto completely free Boruto plugin wallpapers extension is waiting for your download.

Boruto Wallpaper Free New tab extension that has taken its place among the best Manga characters of the Anime World is waiting for you to download here.

We believe Boruto Chrome’s new tab and wallpapers extension will keep you entertained and happy.

Let’s examine this extension, which brings together the most useful and innovative HD wallpapers for Boruto character in Japanese anime category.
Soon after you install the Boruto extension, many new features will be available on the new tab page of your Chrome browser.

We know that you’re looking forward to what changes the Boruto new tab and wallpapers extension you’ll download will make in your Chrome web browser.

This add-on that will bring a lot of additional features with a modern look.

In each new tab page you will see beautiful wallpapers of Boruto manga character.

If you like Boruto’s new tab and wallpaper extension, such as what features and innovations let’s have a look.

** We have brought together the most exclusive wallpapers of the beautiful Boruto character.
** Weather, you can follow the current weather forecasts every day again with the new tab extension of Boruto.
** With the new tab of Boruto you can play the most fun and popular games quickly by pressing the Play game button.
** We have added the Date Time feature, which is always useful in the lower right corner of the browser.
** Advanced Search Section (With this feature we have added the ability to search not only with google but also all popular search engines)
** Nothing will be forgotten anymore, Boruto will be waiting for you in Boruto’s new tab page to create to-do list.
** Boruto thanks to the new tab popular social media buttons with you facebook, twitter, ebay, amazon, etc. You can get immediate access by clicking

Extra features to be added soon:

Thanks to the positive feedback from our users, we will keep Boruto’s new tabs and wallpapers extension constantly updated.
Coming soon with this update Boruto will include the following new features in the new tabs and wallpapers extension.

** You will be able to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow the current status updates from the new tab page.
** Youtube trend videos will be able to view the new tab page.
** Ability to view NBA / NFL / NHL results.
** You can listen to Boruto new tab page without interrupting the selected song list.
** Daily weekly weekly monthly comments of your sign.
** The latest New news from your country and the world.

As SGT, we read the feedback of our valuable users one by one in our extensions and renew our extensions accordingly.

Dear users, you can let us know the features you want Boruto to be in the new tab and wallpaper extension.

Boruto can add the wallpapers that you want to see in the new tab and wallpapers extension to the extension.

If you want to remove Boruto new tab and wallpapers extension you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to your chrome’s settings.
2. Choose the extension page.
3. Select wanted addon off the list- Boruto.
4. Press ‘remove’.
5. That’s it.
-Or just press the Boruto extension icon and choose to remove the extension.

If you like Boruto manga new tabs and wallpapers extension, don’t forget to rate our plugin from Chrome Store web page.
Thank you for installing our extension, and please try looking at our other extensions available in the Chrome Store.

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