Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints

Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints

了解你在纽约租房的历史! 当你浏览一套公寓时,你会看到自2010年以来,每311宗针对其地址的投诉。 -- 那套公寓看起来很不错,但鼠标的情况是什么?有过臭虫吗..

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Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints
Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints
Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints
Renter Be Aware: NYC Apt 311 Complaints

Renter Be Aware简介

Know the history of your NYC rental!

While you browse for an apartment, see every 311 complaint lodged against its address since 2010.

That apartment looks like a great deal, but what is the mouse situation? Have there ever been bed bugs? Is it really loud?

Now you can know all the (potentially) sordid details in real time, while you browse for apartments.

When you visit an apartment listing on NYC rental sites (see list below), this extension will turn red if there are any NYC 311 complaints that have been reported from the apartment’s address.

By simply clicking on the extension icon, a list will pop down with all complaints since 2010, from heating problems to infestations to noise complaints.

If there are no complaints, the icon will turn green.

The extension currently works for the following rental websites:

- StreetEasy (
- Trulia (
- Zillow (
- Padmapper (
- Zumper (
- Craigslist (for the rare listing with a street address) (

Note: It will only work for listings that have a complete street address. So if the apartment doesn’t specify the street number, no information will appear.

Want to see this extension expanded to a new website or a new city? Get in touch at or file an issue:

This is extension is powered by NYC Open Data: 311 Service Requests from 2010 to Present

Made by Aliza Aufrichtig and Hari Mohanraj at Recurse Center! (












希望看到这个扩展扩展扩展到一个新网站或一个新城市?联系或提交问题: address search/issues

此扩展由纽约开放数据提供支持:从2010年到现在的311个服务请求 Services/311-Service-Requests-from-2010-to-Present/erm2-nwe9



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