Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder

Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder 0.1.6


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Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder
Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder
Goofbid - Automatic eBay Bidder


Automatic eBay bidder. Set and forget. We place a bid at the last second so you don’t have to!

Goofbid is an eBay companion toolbar. Our clever toolbar appears while you’re browsing eBay and when you want to bid on an auction but don’t have the time to sit and wait until it ends, you can now use the all new Goofbid Toolbar to place a bid automatically at a maximum bid you specify and we’ll do the rest for you. Sit back and relax while we bid at the last second, almost guaranteeing you a 99% success rate. Please see our terms and conditions for more detailed info.





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