Autotagging Google URL Builder

Autotagging Google URL Builder 2.6.1

Autotagging Google URL Builder:Autotagging helps technical and non-technical marketers reduce the amount of time spent on Campaign Tracking. 自动包装有助于技术和非技术营销人员减少用于活动跟踪的时间。..

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Autotagging Google URL Builder
Autotagging Google URL Builder

Autotagging Google URL Builder 简介

Reduce the amount of time you spend on UTM Campaign Tracking by using the Autotagging Google URL Builder.
Auto-tagging uses UTM tags, that are consistent with Google UTM guidelines.

Your Privacy is Our Highest Concern; this extension is subject to both and

Instantly create Google Analytics UTM links without any UTM knowledge.
Create your tracking links directly from within e.g. the Facebook Post editor and inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

Maximise your campaign alignment by personalising every link with a Custom Domains or Custom URL Alias.

Create your tracking links for any marketing channel, website forum or marketing tool (like Mailchimp).

Autotagging currently supports over 26 marketing channels and 30 paid channels are supported. Examples: Mailchimp - Facebook Profile, Page and Groups - Facebook Ads - Twitter Tweets and Mentions - LinkedIn Profile and Business - LinkedIn Ads - Google+ Profile and Page. General websites, forums and blogs are tagged with UTM Medium ‘referral’ and the active browser tab URL as UTM Source.

Contribute to the Autotagging database by sharing the specific marketing channels and tools that your business requires.

Benefit from the UTM Content tag by using the visual ‘Content Variations’ editor to create several variations of one UTM tracking link.

Customise your UTM tracking URLs by using any type of custom link parameter.

Add value to Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel by using Autotagging Google URL Builder to create your tracking links and get virtually 100% data integrity in your omnichannel RoI reports.

Google™ Trademark

We declare no affiliation or sponsorship, with the Google™ trademark. We stand independently as the sole creators, operators, and engineers behind the Autotagging Google URL Builder.


通过使用自动聚合Google URL生成器减少您在UTM活动跟踪上花费的时间。
自动标记使用符合Google UTM指南的UTM标记。

我们最关心的是您的隐私;此扩展同时受和 policy/

的约束,在不了解UTM的情况下立即创建Google Analytics UTM链接。BR>直接从脸谱网内部的编辑器和脸谱网广告管理器内部创建跟踪链接。


目前,Autotagging支持26个以上的营销渠道,并支持30个付费渠道。示例:mailcimp-Facebook Profile,Page and Groups-Facebook Ads-Twitter Tweets and inspections-LinkedIn Profile and Business-LinkedIn Ads-Google+Profile and Page。一般网站、论坛和博客都用UTM Medium“referration”和活动浏览器选项卡URL标记为UTM源。




为谷歌分析增加价值,Kissmetrics和Mixpanel通过使用自动聚合Google URL Builder来创建您的跟踪链接,并在您的全渠道RoI报告中获得几乎100%的数据完整性。


我们声明不与Google™商标有任何关联或赞助关系。我们作为唯一的创造者、运营商和工程师独立地支持自动聚合的Google URL生成器


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