New Tab Key for Google™ Chrome

New Tab Key for Google™ Chrome 1.12

New Tab Key for Google™ Chrome:Press Capslock to open a new tab...

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New Tab Key for Google™ Chrome

New Tab Key for Google™ Chrome 简介

Make your Capslock key useful again with New Tab Key.

Opens a new tab every time you press Capslock — Much like the new Google™ Chromebooks!

Simple, clean, & fast — it will change the way you use the internet.

-works on ALL websites (except chrome:// pages)
-MAXIMIZES your time on the internet
-safe & secure - no unnecessary permissions

-nothing is stored locally
-no personal data is accessed at any time

If you feel that this extension has helped your life, please leave a positive review!

New Tab Key is constantly updated and improved. Feel free to email me with bugs, comments, and suggestions - I will do my best to make changes.

Be sure to check out my other extensions for Chrome as well!


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