ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM

ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM 3.7.2

电子邮件跟踪和CRM for Gmail可免费用于无限跟踪。发送的电子邮件中没有签名或徽标。 ➤跟踪电子邮件打开 ➤了解何时,在何处读取..

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ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM
ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM
ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM
ContextSmith: Email tracker and CRM


ContextSmith email tracking and CRM for Gmail is FREE to use with UNLIMITED tracking. No signatures or logos in sent emails.

➤ Track email opens
➤ Find out when, where emails were read and on what device
➤ Free limited personal CRM - save and add notes to contacts
➤ Share and collaborate on contacts and accounts
➤ Dashboard to see how your emails are performing
➤ Automatically send emails to your CRM system via BCC
➤ Advanced CRM for paid users

This extension is built for personal use and teams who manages customers. Individuals and small business owners also benefits from additional visibility into their contacts and proactive customer relationship management.

Premium features for teams:

➤ Full CRM to track funnel and pipeline
➤ Account and Opportunities management
➤ Sales dashboards

About ContextSmith:
ContextSmith is an intelligent workspace for sales, customer success, account managers, and any professionals that interfaces with customers. Our Gmail extension tracks email opens and gives you rich profiles about your contacts in your Gmail sidebar. You will gain rich context to build strong relationships with everyone you email.


ContextSmith电子邮件跟踪和CRM for Gmail可免费用于无限跟踪。发送的电子邮件中没有签名或徽标。








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