GoNimble.net - AliExpress Product Importer

GoNimble.net - AliExpress Product Importer 2.5.8

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GoNimble.net - AliExpress Product Importer
GoNimble.net - AliExpress Product Importer
GoNimble.net - AliExpress Product Importer


Chrome extension for GoNimble.net drop shipping automation https://www.gonimble.net

GoNimble.net is a fully automated drop shipping solution, the chrome extension enhances it with a range of statistical tools to find winner products to sell.

- Everything you need to find best sellers from the search page of AliExpress.com
- Which products are selling the most? Easily find out the 14 day and 6 months order volume.
- Don’t worry about unprofessional suppliers, find out the reliability of every supplier.
- Your customers don’t have to wait too long, find out if a product is shipped with ePacket & the cost for shipping.
- 14-day graph breakdown for the order volume of every AliExpress product.
- Easily import any product directly to your Shopify store.
- Already using another fulfillment platform? Easily migrate to Nimble with one click.


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