XTag AT Internet: Record, check, access data

XTag AT Internet: Record, check, access data 7.6.5

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XTag AT Internet: Record, check, access data
XTag AT Internet: Record, check, access data

XTag AT Internet简介

• XTag AT Internet categorizes, records and displays all tags sent to AT Internet from your Chrome window, whatever the website raising them, and whatever the domain collection or pixel path used.
• It allows filtering on tag type and learning tag parameters’ meaning.
• It builds a basic Data Query URL for most of captured tags, and provides for each of them a direct link to access AT Internet Data Query Designer to open it and immediately see the corresponding results.
• It allows to present Calls To Action (CTA) results as charts: in-page for websites marked with XTag Manager or Schneider Electric Tag Manager, or once they have been captured for all other websites. In both cases, you need to be granted to see such results, with valid AT Internet credentials. Charts make available their data for copy, with the Data Query URL used to retrieve them).
• Tags can be displayed with three levels of detail: summary, detailed, advanced.
• Copy in clipboard: one, filtered or all. Each tag is copied with complete tag URL, page URL and Data Query URL (tabulated text format, Excel compliant).

To know more, please see the Online guide.


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