Zerodha brokerage calculator

Zerodha brokerage calculator 1.0.2

这是我们著名的经纪计算器的扩展,只需点击扩展图标,就可以从任何网页访问它。现在,直接在您所在的页面上计算您每一笔交易的潜在经纪人。 我们经纪人计算器的完整网页可..

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Zerodha brokerage calculator

Zerodha brokerage calculator简介

Here’s an extension for our famous brokerage calculator which can be accessed from any webpage by just clicking on the extension icon. Now calculate the potential brokerage for each of your trades directly on the page you are at.

The full webpage of our brokerage calculator can be accessed on

Whenever you trade or invest on NSE, BSE or MCX, you can calculate your charges right then and there.



我们经纪人计算器的完整网页可以在 calculator上访问



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