English Hindi English Dictionary

English Hindi English Dictionary 1.28

English Hindi English Dictionary:Hindi Dictionary: English-Hindi-English Dictionary, get meaning of different English words in Hindi in easy and handy way...

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English Hindi English Dictionary
English Hindi English Dictionary
English Hindi English Dictionary
English Hindi English Dictionary

English Hindi English Dictionary 简介

Hindi Dictionary :

It provides English - Hindi - English Dictionary. Its very fast and reliable.

Hindi Dictionary is a handy and reliable chrome extension designed to translate the selected word to Hindi and English.

Key features:
- Meaning from English to Hindi
- Meaning from English to English
- Text-to-Speech functionality for English words and meanings.
- Easy to access popup for meanings, just double click on any word to get meaning (please refresh page after installing this extension)
- Easily hide popup if it annoying, for given time, for particular site or for entire browser/all sites.
- No signup required
- Minimum footprint on chrome browser
- Small size

Get meaning of different English word using any of below step:

1. Double click on any word >> popup will open showing Hindi/English meaning
2. Select any text on browser >> right click on text >> select “Hindi Meaning” from menu
3. Select any text on browser >> use extension’s icon on top right corner

You can disable double click functionality anytime using extension’s option menu or using action icon on popup.


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