Privowny App

Privowny App

is in beta stage. We'd love for you to join our beta community, please go to and click on "Try Privowny App" to rece..

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Privowny App
Privowny App
Privowny App
Privowny App

Privowny App简介

Privowny App is in beta stage. We’d love for you to join our beta community, please go to and click on “Try Privowny App” to receive your invitation.

Our Chrome browser extension (also available for Firefox) effortlessly lets you:

• Create, encrypt and manage strong passwords for all your login needs so you don’t need to reuse and remember countless weak passwords.
• Create email aliases to be used for specific (temporary or not) purposes in order to reduce spam and possibly safeguard against identity theft. It allows you to manage your level of anonymity when disclosing your real ID is just not needed. You can block or delete these at any time.
• Block cookies/trackers, in bulk or selectively, in order to protect your privacy and significantly speed up your browsing experience.
• Access the personal data you leave behind while browsing the internet, so you can manage what websites know about you in order to use this information at your convenience (by filling up forms quickly) or delete it altogether.
• Have an insider’s look at your digital life. Thanks to our dashboard, you will see how you appear in the digital world with insightful metrics.

Additionally, if you download our accompanying mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices), you will then be able to apply the same best practices on the go from your smartphones.


By developing this set of tools, we aim at delivering a comprehensive solution to the digital identity conundrum. We wish to demonstrate that you can get the most out of your digital life, without having to forego your privacy, security, or peace-of-mind.

While it’s common practice throughout many industries to sell and make money from people’s data, we don’t. We believe people’s data is their asset to use as they see fit.

We are committed to leveraging state of the art technologies, including leading data encryption technologies, to keep people’s digital identities and sensitive data safe and under their control. In other words: you, and only you, can see your encrypted data in the clear.

Taking control of your online privacy starts now.

Our Privacy Policy reflects our values. We encourage you to review the document to learn more about our service policies and privacy commitments.


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