QuickSearch for IBM Connections

QuickSearch for IBM Connections 6.3

/! IBM Connections Cloud (aka SmartCloud) users : do NOT use this plugin version which is only intended for on-premises instances of IBM Con..

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QuickSearch for IBM Connections
QuickSearch for IBM Connections
QuickSearch for IBM Connections
QuickSearch for IBM Connections

QuickSearch for IBM Connections简介

/!\ IBM Connections Cloud (aka SmartCloud) users : do NOT use this plugin version which is only intended for on-premises instances of IBM Connections.
A special cloud edition of this plugin is available in the Chrome Store.

Important disclaimer : Because I work for IBM and because I made this extension during by job time, this extension belongs to IBM. BUT, this extension is NOT supported by IBM. Every bug report must be sent to myself only (do not open a PMR), and -even if I’m pretty quick to answer- without any legal obligation or whatsoever to correct them.
This extension is provided AS IS.

The QuickSearch plugin let you quickly search for users or content within IBM Connections, upload and/or share a File to multiple users, invite a group of users into a community, share an URL to your board or someone’s board, see your activity stream updates in real time, and update your profile picture using your webcam or an existing picture.

Use the popup window in the upper right corner of chrome in order to search within Profiles (with type-ahead feature), Files, Forums and so on.

You can also use it directly from the URL navigation bar, by typing “ic” (without any quotes) following by a space then your query. Then press enter for a global search or arrow keys to reduce the scope.

- popups now have a “clear all” button
- new keyboard shortcut available to toggle notifications

- IBMers SAML support for Cloud edition
- Cognitive status updates analyse (can be enabled from settings page)
- various bug fixes

- Notifications which include followed tags are now displayed with a tag indicator
- QuickSearch can now run in background, even when Chrome is closed

- QuickTag tool (available in groups panel)

- QuickSearch Level (a small gamification system to discover every quicksearch features)
- Bug fixes in status updates

- Fixing various bug
- Can now expand/collapse left column for better view on small screens

- New MyNotifications quick access, accessible from the quick access bar.
- Old view introduced in 5.1 is still available because it’s the only way to display notifications with a keyboard shortcut
- Can now create an user group from the contextual menu in any Connections page (from whole page or selected text)

- New MyNotifications view, accessible from a double-click on the QuickSearch button or from a keyboard shortcut

- Now able to display a preview of the pending notifications in the QuickSearch tooltip
- The notification counter can be reset (using a keyboard shortcut)
- Various bugs fixed

- Now able to @@mention a community when sharing a message or an url (use @@ instead of @ for a person). This will post a copy of the message into the specified community.
- Can now retweet messages from twitter as status updates
- Can now create Community Events

- Now includes a new My History quick access button (It’s like a browser history, but only for connections URLs)
- Embedded features can now be enable/disable from the options page.

- Now includes a delete mode, to remove yourself from several communities in a few clicks
- Now includes a favorite mode, to set any of your content as favorite (they will remain on top of the list for each module : My Files, My Communities, My Blogs…)

- Adding a local filter feature, to filter the latest search view. Combined with the cache feature of v4.5, this local filter feature let you search for your files, communities, and so on in a few seconds.
- Adding a shortcut to saved items in the quickaccess bar

- The quick access toolbar is now cached. You can refresh the whole cache (using the latest button of the toolbar) or for an application only (after clicking on a quick access button, a second refresh button is added into the result view)

- QuickPlay experimental feature let you listen for blog entries instead of reading them.
- Various bug fixes

- Update Status message feature
- Update Status & Share URL now support @mentions and image directly pasted from clipboard (useful for screeshot made by sametime or snagit)
- Can add bookmark to communities
- New mobilizer beta tool : a tool to quickly create mobile links (which will open the Connections app rather than the browser)

- can now be used with quicksearch cloud edition to export contact

- can now microblog an URL *and* create a bookmark at the same time
- can now include an image preview of the webpage that you are microblogging

- Links have been replaced by icons !
- New upload file feature
- A filter rule can be mapped to a color. This will change the Star icon in the notification popups

- You can now configure a filter for Activity Stream popups. See options page

- Introducing the Community QuickJump ! Select My Communities in the drop down list, type some keywords to display the result list, select a community & voila ! Fast & easy.

- Can now display activity stream preview popups (it’s enable by default in the options page, and it requires the notification permission so if you upgrade the application it will be disabled by chrome until you accept the new permission)
- Minor bugs fixes

- Can now invite a group to join a community. The Community Inviter link is only available when you are browsing a community page.
- Now play a small sound on new notifications. Can be disabled in options page

- Can now create a Connections Bookmark. Still a work in progress (if you try to bookmark something you already bookmarked, then it will be overwritten)

- The bookmarks search has been improved.
-> Can now search into public bookmarks or into your bookmarks
-> Search can be done using tags only or using a full search
-> Smart tags suggestion

- The URLs in the share-this-url feature are now shortened. You can disable this behavior in the options panel. Note: the shortener service is goo.gl or ibm.biz if you are an IBMer (= connected on w3)

- New icons to quickly access your content on IBM Connections or load your latest bookmarks
- New QuickSpeak experimental feature, to post a status update using your voice (need to be mapped to a shortcut keyboard first, in the options panel)
- Minor bugs fixes

- Typeahead everywhere !
- You can add your direct team (colleagues + manager) in one click into any group
- Groups can be updated without retyping their name
- Minor UI fixes

- New group feature !!!
- Can now post a message to the user’s board with @mention (using the new group feature)
- Can now share a File to a group of users. To unlock the “share this file” feature you have to be first on a webpage which is an IBM Connections File URL

- “share this URL” now works with communities (with typeahead)

- new “share this URL” feature
- UI bug fixes

- a context menu is now available. Just select some piece of text within any webpage, then right-click and select a service to fire the search !

- can now set a default scope (in the options page)

- can now upload a new profile picture from local disk

- new bookmarks interface. the latest search remains visible in the popup (if you want to search inside the original IC interface, you can still use the omnibox search)
- minor UI fixes

- minor fixes
- changing notifications colors : orange = notifications, red = actions required, blue = both

- can now update your profile picture (webcam required !)

- the notification counter now works on greenhouse

- can now display number of new notifications/actions required
- ctrl + shift + H now opens the IBM Connections homepage

- can now be configured against any server (not only w3-connections)


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