Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce

Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce 1.8.1

Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce:Import products from aliexpress to woocommerce..

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Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce

Wooshark for AliExpress & woocommerce 简介

Wooshark dropshipping for aliexpress and woocommerce offers the following features:

* Import, customize and edit:
- Variants such as size, color, model
- Original images
- Title and custom title
- Images from the product description
- Specifications and extra information
- General description
- Short description
- Categories
- Sale price
- Reviews
- Rating
- Sku
* Automated price calculation formula.
* Advanced description editor
* Advanced image editor
* bulk products import
* General configuration
* Link to the original product.
* Semi-automated orders [AliExpress]
* Publish / save as draft.


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