Enhanced Formula Editor Enhanced Formula Editor 1.5.4 Enhanced Formula Editor:Enhances the formula editor textareas to have syntax highlighting, tabbing, parenthesis matching, and find and replace...

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Use this extension to save time and headaches working with formulas. It helps you more quickly understand the structure of a formula, review the fields used by it, and edit the formula.

When you visit a formula edit page it will automatically enhance the formula textarea with a code editor. This includes formula fields, validation rule formulas, workflow rule formulas, and field update formulas.

Editor Features Include:
- Syntax highlighting
- Tabbing (tab and shift-tab)
- Parentheses matching
- Find and Replace
- No code wrapping
- Resizing the editor
- Format button
- Works with Lightning!

A new button is created named “Load Field Details” that loads details about the fields found in the formula.

Field Details Include:
- Field type
- How many times it is used
- Formula field compile sizes
- Field edit links
- Field record values
- Field Label
- Field Help Text
- Picklist values
- Sub formulas

Have an issue or a great idea for this extension? Visit the support tab above to leave feedback.

6/30/2020 - Updated to use the latest metadata API version
1/6/2019 - Fixed some bugs handling decimal numbers
9/5/2018 - Added a button that formats the formula for you
7/11/2018 - Editor now remembers your font size
6/24/2018 - Now works with Lightning
3/1/2017 - Editor now remembers what size you made it
8/12/2015 - New “Load Field Details” button
7/11/2015 - Insert buttons for fields and functions work now
1/9/2012 - Fixed text wrapping in nowrap mode.


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