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Improve your social media marketing effort by focusing on the right global trends! TagPredict will give you live statistics on HashTags as you browse any site and will scrape the hashtags as you go on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and even your competitors’ websites. TagPredict is a cross platform hashtags trends and prediction software. It consolidates hashtags data from all over the internet, in real time, by using our power search crawlers.

As you enter a site, TagPredict will highlight all hashtags with a yellow marker. Once you mouse over the hashtag, a pop up windows will give you full statistics on the hashtag, how popular it is, if popularity is growing / decreasing and on which top websites it appears. If you turn the scraper “on”, it will start scraping the hashtags, you can copy and paste them or save to a file. Imagine you want to collect all hashtags used by other niche marketers… just browse their social media pages, and TagPredict will scrape the hashtags they use.

It does not matter if your hashtags are in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own website (!), TagPredict will highlight it and will give you the live data on how is it doing overall on the internet.

TagPredict is providing a smart solution for analyzing global social media and internet trends. Our powerful technology and algorithms are more than just another search engine or data mining service: we analyze and categorize real time global internet data and feed it back to your internet browser as you surf the internet. Regardless of which web site you are on, or what social media site you are using - TagPredict would tell you in real time what are the current trends of popularity, engagement and success for any virtual object you mouse over on.

Some TagPredict features you should know about:
- It is free to use and requires only ONE CLICK REGISTRATION.
- TagPredict is a cross platform technology, our global analytics is provided for all type of devices, computers and browsers
- TagPredict is providing data on global trends. It means that not only your website is included, but all international websites, social networks and news networks are included
- Once you install the TagPredict add-on, you will get the international trends to your browser screen, in real time, and on demand
- TagPredict is indexing millions of web pages, websites, news websites and blogs.
- Indexing and categorizing or random information into rational searchable trends in our data center
- Building of online KPI dashboards with live data feed based on genuine data mining and smart information intellgigence
- Intelligent forecasts of market trends based on real time social network data mining and analysis

Good luck and enjoy it!


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