Aternity Web Activity Creator

Aternity Web Activity Creator 1.7.537


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Aternity Web Activity Creator
Aternity Web Activity Creator
Aternity Web Activity Creator
Aternity Web Activity Creator

Aternity Web Activity Creator简介

The Aternity Web Activity Creator (WAC) enables you to quickly and intuitively create custom activities for web applications, directly from the web page itself.
WAC is an interactive Google Chrome extension that opens as a floating sidebar next to your web page.
It offers a simple workflow to create your custom web activities, all on one PC.
With WAC, you can define an activity by selecting web elements that indicate the start and completion of a business activity.
To achieve this the extension requires extensive permissions: tabs, webNavigation, notifications, and unlimited storage - and of course, permission to access all http/https pages.
Aternity adheres to strict security and privacy standards - including GDPR and HIPAA. For full details refer to our privacy page:


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