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引文保护程序允许您直接链接回您在页面上突出显示的内容,这样您就可以引用页面上的文本并在以后返回到该页面。 如果您在另一个浏览器中跟踪引文保护程序链接(或如果您决..

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Citation Saver
Citation Saver
Citation Saver

Citation Saver简介

Citation Saver allows you to link directly back to content you highlight on a page–that way you can cite text on a page and return to it later.

If you follow a Citation Saver link in another browser (or if you decide to uninstall Citation Saver), your link will still be valid and will take you to the same page; your browser just won’t automatically highlight the citation.

This is not a link shortening service. We’re not logging any of your page visits; the experience takes place entirely in your browser.






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