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Search Binder is the unique extension that enables you to access contacts of any user behind any social networking websiteReceive all social accoun..

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Search Binder is the unique extension that enables you to access contacts of any user behind any social networking website. Receive all social accounts of any person with one click!

We’re pleased to introduce you the most powerful and the most user-friendly people search engines plug-in on your Chrome browser. Search Binder is the easiest way to receive contacts of the person without restrictions, limits or waiting time.
Search Binder helps you to bypass manual entry: it automatically scans every user’s social account, and then immediately displays them on your screen with just one click. It’s simple and it’s super fast!

Search Binder distinctive features:
Easy to understand and easy to use
Simple and appealing interface
Real-time information check
Powered by,, and
No manual entry
No registration needed
No ad is presented in this plug-in
Search Binder is completely free to use!

We did our best to make using the world largest people search engines (,, and as simple as possible. We have implemented a very simple and appealing user interface that will allow you to easily receive other social networking accounts from users. All you need to do is to click one button and it’s all done!
If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free and send them to: or visit our website for more information.

Privacy Notice: Search Binder respects your privacy, for more on our Privacy Policy see:


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