Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder (Sprint)

Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder (Sprint) 184.4.4

Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder (Sprint):Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder 动态跟踪综合记录器..

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Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder (Sprint)

Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder (Sprint) 简介

With our easy-to-use Dynatrace recorder, you can gain visibility into the availability and performance of your application’s most important functionality with just a few clicks.

Use the Dynatrace recorder to record the exact sequences of clicks that you want your simulated user sessions to follow when browser clickpaths are replayed. You can record button clicks, page scrolls, and even user input. The Dynatrace recorder captures each event and converts it into a script that is played back each time you run the browser clickpath.





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