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Looking for a way to connect your HR cloud? The

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Looking for a way to connect your HR cloud?

The Hirelink Extension for Google Chrome allows you to instantly connect all you HR systems, giving you access to all your hiring information within one platform.

HR integrations are typically complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Here at HireLink we help you avoid that painful process of integrating each system one by one or even worse, logging into multiple systems. Our software allows you to be integrated with 100’s of different HR systems and services immediately. Whether you’re a system/service vendor or an HR professional, we provide a perfect solution to your integrations needs. 

How does it work?

The Hirelink extension will automatically detect emails and phone numbers that are on your current page. Combining this information with our integrations allows Hirelink to surface all the data from your other HR systems for a particular candidate. This enables you to see all the necessary hiring information all within one area!

Where does it work?

Hirelink works on top of any software that is accessed through Google Chrome!

Learn More

Learn more at www.hirelink.io

Contact Support

If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact our team at support@hirelink.io


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