Kantv Clean UI

Kantv Clean UI 1.2.0

18/05/2020 Kantv has changed your guest ID for a few days, which totally broke the 追剧列表. I didn't have free time to fix this while watc..

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Kantv Clean UI
Kantv Clean UI
Kantv Clean UI
Kantv Clean UI

Kantv Clean UI简介

18/05/2020 Kantv has changed your guest ID for a few days, which totally broke the 追剧列表. I didn’t have free time to fix this while watching TVB shows on wotvb.com. I will try to fix that guest ID problem, as well as adding some new functionalities soon 🙂

Warning: This extension is NOT made by KanTV. I shared it here, so that my friends can access it easily.

Last update took more than 2 weeks to go online in chrome web store. Please be patient. During this period, kantv may change its website, my code may not work. If so, just wait for my next update.

For the latest update, please check out chrome web store. Or download the extension zip file from the link below. Then open Chrome browser -> click on the three dots (vertical ellipsis) -> More tools -> click Extensions. Then drag and drop the zip file to Extensions page to install it.


KanTV is a good website to watch TV dramas and movies online for free. But it shows Ads everywhere. This extension is used to clean them up. To access the Ads code, this extension requires to intercept the javascript requests from KanTV server.

1.2.0 update

Update Details:
- New Ads blocking for recent kantv website changes
- New extension popup. open it by clicking the extension icon when on a kantv page
- In the popup, it contains two parts, the first one is a list of TV shows that you chosen to following. They will be checked for update automatically. You will be inform when new episode comes out. Unwatched TV shows will be informed by extension badge, a yellow star in the list. For new update shows, they will also be shown in browser notification, which requires at least one kantv tab open in the browser. Notification permission will be requested when you close this modal
- The other part in the popup, it’s the bookmarklets. One is used to replacing visitor ID on mobile using your PC’s visitor ID. so that you can share the same watching history on both PC and mobile. The other is used to removing the webchat subscription on mobile. It needs to run everytime when watching videos.
- On a watching page, added 追剧 (trigger episode update check) and 选集 (list of all episodes) to the video player
- Turn off 弹幕, hide the 弹幕 bar
- New extension icons
- And other minor enhancements

Short Details:
remove new Ads, add extension popup (access to 追剧列表 and bookmarklets), new video player functions of 追剧, 选集, and remove 弹幕, bookmarklets for mobile (one for remove wechat subscription, the other for PC and mobile to share the same watching history). Checkout the screenshots for this update in Chrome Web Store.

- May need to refresh your old Kantv tabs in the browser
- Website permission is required to show notification for new episodes
- Extension permission is required to add bookmarks in the browser


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