Expired Domain Scraper

Expired Domain Scraper 1.1

is and expired domain crawler that crawls the webpages you visit. It checks all external links on the page and verifies the a..

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Expired Domain Scraper

Expired Domain Scraper简介

Expired Domain Scraper is and expired domain crawler that crawls the webpages you visit. It checks all external links on the page and verifies the availability of the domain names that it finds. It then displays the expired domains that are available to register and allows you to check the Moz and Majestic Metrics of each expired domain. You can save the list of expired domain names and their Moz and Majestic Metrics to a file on your computer.

Expired Domain Scraper also feature infinite scrolling for Youtube, Google, Bing and Yandex. This is MOST excellent for checking Youtube for expired domains with traffic. Yep, Youtube is one the best if not THE BEST place for finding expired domain names with traffic, backlinks, and awesome metrics. People abandon their sites and Youtube channels and they let their domain names expire. You can find insanely good expired domain names with traffic on Youtube easily.

Find expired domains with traffic that are still indexed in Google, Bing, and Yandex. Just go to the search engine of your choice and do a search. Then just scroll. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next page of results loads and just go until you want to stop. Click the “Find Domains” button and the expired domain scraper will crawl the page and find any expired domains that are indexed in the engine.


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