Toggl to Jira (FREE)

Toggl to Jira (FREE) 2.1.7

Toggl to Jira (FREE):Logs time entries via *log work* to corresponding Jira tasks..

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Toggl to Jira (FREE)

Toggl to Jira (FREE) 简介

100% free and open source.

If your project requires you to log work on Jira tasks and issues, its not possible to import from Toggl. Server side Toggl-Jira integrations cost money or won’t work in the cloud.

This simple extension allows you to post your Toggl entries to the corresponding Jira tasks automatically.

1. You need to be logged in to and your Jira board, so the cookies are available in the browser.
2. Configure your Jira server url in options.
3. You should go to chrome://extensions/ and “allow acces to file URLs” for Toggl to Jira.

Open Source, contributions are welcome 🙂


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