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ARequesty 简介

Request reviews on Amazon Seller Central for your entire store in 1-click. 100% FREE!

The extension adds the “Request a Review” buttons to orders in the “Orders” page on Amazon Seller Central, and keeps track of reviews that were already requested.
You also have the “Request Reviews For Entire Store” button to request reviews for all orders in your store in 1-click!

- Adds a “Request a Review” button to every order.
- “Request Reviews For Entire Page” button to request reviews for all orders on page.
- “Request Reviews For Entire Store (1-click)” button to request reviews for all orders in your store.
- Shows the request status for every order right next to it, so you don’t have to start figuring out which order was dealt and which wasn’t.
- Summary of review statuses for all orders on page in the top of the “Orders” page for simple tracking.
- Filters out automatically ineligible orders for you, so you only request reviews from satisfied customers (refunded orders, or outside eligible window of time).
- Support in most marketplaces (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA, AU).

It’s 100% FREE. Updates and improvements are coming soon!


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