Guestbook Member Profiler

Guestbook Member Profiler 1.0.6

Guestbook Member Profiler:Recognize uniquely identifiable guest information on a PMS' website and display their Guestbook member profile...

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Guestbook Member Profiler
Guestbook Member Profiler
Guestbook Member Profiler

Guestbook Member Profiler 简介

Is your hotel able to recognize your most loyal guests? The Guestbook Member Profiler helps your hotel front desk agents recognize repeat guests and create better guest experiences.

If the guest checking in is not a member, The Guestbook Member Profiler provides an easy one-click way to enroll hotel guests to your Guestbook rewards program. Agents will receive a cash reward to their Guestbook account for each completed enrollment!

Easily track what Guestbook members are arriving, which are departing, and who is on property!


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