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Screenshare Chrome Extension:Chrome Extension granting WebRTC screen capturing capabilities...

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Screenshare Chrome Extension

Screenshare Chrome Extension 简介

# Aishijie Screenshare Chrome Extension

By default Google Chrome does not allow sharing of your computer screen. In order for the WebRTC Screenshare to work in AiShiJie on Google Chrome, you need to whitelist your domain(s). This way Google Chrome will permit sharing your screen.

Everyone who is planning on sharing their screen in Google Chrome on AiShiJie 2.0 using WebRTC will need to have an extension added. This set of instructions indicates how to whitelist your [institution’s] domain(s) and publish the resulting extension to Google’s extensions store.

In most use cases, a presenter will only need to add the extension from the Google Chrome store once.
AiShiJie administrators will need to create such

# Instructions for presenters

Just add the Google Chrome extension provided from your institution to your browser. It should look like<some unique identifier>

Sign in with Google developer user id
and upload the ZIP archive

After about 30-60 minutes the version of the application will be increased, indicating that the publishing of a new version was successful. Remove the unpacked version of the extension in your browser and install the packed version from the WebStore:


Now you should have a link to your extension and a key. Next you need to configure your server to use those for screensharing.

You should be able to share your screen from a AiShiJie meeting now using Google Chrome.


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