ClearSlide for Gmail

ClearSlide for Gmail 2.0.7

ClearSlide for Gmail:Extend ClearSlide’s seamless experience to your Gmail inbox. Close more deals even faster...

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ClearSlide for Gmail
ClearSlide for Gmail
ClearSlide for Gmail
ClearSlide for Gmail

ClearSlide for Gmail 简介

**Plugin usage requires a paid ClearSlide license. Learn more at**

Track email opens, links, and detailed content engagement with real-time alerts. Auto-log all email activities and engagement data to your CRM. Schedule and start meetings with approved ClearSlide content. Provide your reps easy access to the right content and email templates. Access the full power of ClearSlide directly from your Gmail inbox!

Track Viewer Engagement
Know exactly when your emails are opened, when content is viewed, and (coming soon) when your emails are responded to. Get visibility into click rates for all links in your email - even non-ClearSlide links!

Auto-log Activities to CRM
Save time and improve your CRM data quality. We’ll auto-log all of your email activity and corresponding engagement data back to the right object in your CRM. No need for manual data entry!

Instantly Schedule and Start Meetings
Schedule and start meetings without leaving your Google Calendar. ClearSlide meetings are download free, and you can start sharing content or your screen with just one click.

Leverage Email Templates
Quickly access your team’s approved, sales stage-based or campaign templates and content directly from your Gmail inbox. Always have the right message at your fingertips for any communication.


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