HackMD-it 0.4.2

A HackMD browser extension optimized for SPEED (and integration with GitHub and GitLab.) We love HackMD because it is FAST. And we love Git..

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HackMD-it - A HackMD browser extension optimized for SPEED (and integration with GitHub and GitLab.)

We love HackMD because it is FAST. And we love Git.
If you are like us, you will love HackMD-it, the official browser extension that boosts your speed using HackMD and extends your HackMD experience to your browser

## Features:

- Hotkey invokation (ctrl + shift + k)
- Search and Pin your HackMD notes and open them immediately
- Bring real-time collaboration to GitHub

See tutorial at https://hackmd.io/c/tutorials/%2Fs%2Fhackmd-it
See changelog at https://hackmd.io/s/hackmd-it-release-notes

Tell us how you think here! https://forms.gle/nPZKEy3dpfVSxmw16

## Changelog

## v0.4.2

- You can now add and delete self-host GitLab instances in management list

## v0.4.1

- Fix documentation of keyboard shortcut
- Add feedback/tutorials button
- Add bug report link at option page

## v0.4.0

- new popup page
- You can now pin notes to easily find them later
- You can now use hot keys to open the extension and switch focus bewteen notes
- open extension: ctrl+shift+k
- switch notes: Tab, ↑, ↓
- It will now show pinned and recent notes when you are not searching
- Hide sync editing block when no notes are under sync editing
- It will now opens a note at current tab when the tab is empty
- Fix dropdown color in option page

## v0.3.5
- Fix freezing page with new template feature

## v0.3.4
- Fix `Edit on GitHub` button for GitHub

## v0.3.3
## v0.3.2
- New popup page
- New option page
- Search notes from HackMD browsing history
- Choose your preferred language on Option page

## v0.3.1
## v0.3.0

- Search note from history

## v0.2.0

- GitLab support

## v0.1.2

- Fix extension not working on Firefox
- Release notification: tell you when extension get updated

## v0.1.1

- An option page for customizing hackmd host
- Constrain permission to hackmd.io and github.com
- Add option to hide warning messages when closing tabs


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