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GaiaUpgrade:A third-party tool to improve interacting with GaiaOnline...

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GaiaUpgrade 简介

GaiaUpgrade is a browser extension that provides various features to enhance your GaiaOnline experience. GaiaUpgrade provides over 70 different functionalities to enhance your Gaia experience; such as, the multi-Daily Chance (Draw All), tagging users, multi-thread multi-quote, item BBCode generation.

GaiaUpgrade is built by the Gaia Tools Team from the Gaia community feedback for the Gaia community.

All of the features GaiaUpgrade provides are togglable. You can truly make the Gaia experience your own by enabling only what you want and/or need.

Check out GaiaUpgrade at

If you have found a bug, tell us about it in the Gaia Tools guild on Gaia:


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