Anomali Lens

Anomali Lens 4.2.0

When enabled,

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Anomali Lens

Anomali Lens简介

When enabled, Anomali Lens parses and highlights all cyber threat information on the current screen, be it an article detailing the latest breach or a raw intelligence feed. Since Anomali Lens uses NLP to parse content, cyber threat information—such as actors or observables—is highlighted even if it is currently unknown to Anomali.

Context at the point of use: Mouse over highlighted entities for a quick summary.

Know if you’ve already been impacted: Integrate with Anomali Match and automatically detect whether highlighted observables have been present in your environment.

Operationalize threat intelligence: Create machine readable threat bulletins and observables with the click of a button.

Investigate threats with ease: Add highlighted entities to an investigation in ThreatStream for further research and pivoting.


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