How Many?

How Many? 3.5.4

How Many?:The free version of this extension only works on amazon pages with the offer-listings in the url. You must be on that type of page…..

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How Many?
How Many?
How Many?
How Many?

How Many? 简介

The free version of this extension only works on amazon pages with the offer-listings in the url.
You must be on that type of page and then CLICK the icon and it will start to work.
You do not need a license key to use the free version. it just works for 5 uses each day.

Easily check how much your competition has available to purchase.
Returns available amounts to purchase if under 1,000 directly on the page.
Very fast and easy to use. Just get to the page and click the button.
No more adding the item to cart and using the 999 trick manually.
This extension does all that for you in the background.

How Many Premium Edition includes the following
1. Gets the buy box quantity (when available)
2. Gets the merchants listed on the main product detail page’s available stock
3. Estimates sales volumes or if you have Jungle Scout installed it will use those sales estimations (Check the options page)
4. Sub-totals the FBA and MCF available quantity
5. Gives estimated 30 day sell through price. Make more profit!!
6. Gets next lowest offer (not including shipping) and the available quantity on all offers pages
7. All new variation viewer (includes out of stock variations!!)
8. iOS and Android Companion App
9. Right-Click context menu
10. Get available quantity on storefronts
11. Reveal when a merchant is limiting their stock quantities

All this for a small monthly fee


Current version does not work on some amazon europe countries
If merchant fullfilled offer is limiting quantity we only get the available quantity to purchase at any given time.

If you need help please contact us at


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