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YouTube++:This extension shows the publishing or uploading date of related youtube videos in sidebar...

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YouTube++ 简介

Ever wondered if you could get the published date of related videos without even opening the videos in youtube, here is an extension which will solve this for you.


Midori Player
Midori Player:Let Xiami music be heard on Douban, by Qiyuan.
Leitura Livre
Extensão permite ler os sites de notícia de graça.
这个一个用于统计你看过的 电影/书/音乐 的工具。 使用方法: 打开网址“用户名/collect”..
Get Fone
Get Uid Fone lấy UID chuyển sang số Điện thoại 1.0.2
World of Cultivation Pinyin Replacer
This extension converts the untranslated pinyin terms in World of Cultivation on to english. Please report any bugs or
SprintPlus WebSprinter
Zo kan je de tekst sneller en beter begrijpen. Het voorgelezen woord wordt in kleur aangeduid zodat je makkelijk kan meevolgen. Je kan de kleur v..