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Assists FormRecycler Google Add-on, to recycle the images that are embedded in their questions that were just recycled.
*Currently you cannot recycle embedded image items from Forms locked to Domain only.*
To work around this, toggle off the Domain only. Then recycle the questions with FormRecycler Add-on. After recycling, toggle the Domain only back on for the Form you are recycling for (if you wish).

Steps for success:
1. Install this Chrome Extension
2. Sign-in with Google
3. Refresh the Form.
4. Use FormRecycler Add-on to recycle questions.
5. FormRecycler Add-on will tell the FormRecycler Chrome Extension when it is finished and will enable you to Insert Images in your Form.
6. Click the Insert Images in this Form button in the Chrome Extension.
7. The Chrome Extension will continue to insert images until it is done.

V2.1 update: Now will recycle embedded images on Forms that are in Spanish language.


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