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Tealium Tools 1.14.4

Tealium Tools:Enhance your Tealium implementations by evaluating your website data and tags through a variety of helpful tools...

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Tealium Tools
Tealium Tools
Tealium Tools

Tealium Tools 简介

Users of Tealium iQ, the company’s award-winning tag management solution, and other digital marketing action products will benefit from some of the key functions found in this extension:

1. Scan Companion

Users may manually traverse key web pages and collect information needed to evaluate the implementation of tags on the pages. After uploading the results of the scan, users can determine which pages are being managed through Tealium iQ, and whether some tags are falling outside the control of your tag management system.

2. Web Companion

Evaluating the data layer of your web site is a snap with this handy tool. You can see all the cookies, JavaScript variables, and other key data elements needed to create your tag management rules and data distribution strategies. It’s fully integrated with Tealium iQ so evaluating the tags, extensions, and load rules for any page being managed can be easily evaluated.

3. AudienceStream Trace

Users of Tealium AudienceStream, an audience segmentation and real-time action engine, can easily assess the accuracy of different visitor attributes and segments. With Trace, you gain the ability to observe every detail of your desired workflow, to ensure attributes are updated correctly, rules are dialed in, and actions fire as desired.


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