Compare Amazon products side-to-side

Compare Amazon products side-to-side 8.4.603

Compare Amazon products side-to-side:Amazon products (price, specs) compared side-to-side (right click to add)..

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Compare Amazon products side-to-side
Compare Amazon products side-to-side
Compare Amazon products side-to-side

Compare Amazon products side 简介

Right-click option on amazon products to compare side-to-side on a new tab and add notes.

✓Terms, conditions and privacy
By using this add-on, you agree to the conditions listed at this /url

This extension is FREE. We only display a small reminder at the top of the comparison table asking for a tiny yearly amount to contribute on the development and cope with the many request of changes we receive.

✓ Permissions
We only need permission on all the websites to add a CONTEXTUAL ITEM (right-click) and open a new tab, and also permission to store into your BROWSER CACHE (only for yourself) the products and notes you selected. If you click on “remove” on those products, all of them will be wiped and no information will be stored.
More info at

✓Privacy Policy
The product you selected and the note you added are exclusively stored in your browser cache (“chrome storage”) for performance reasons (avoid re-downloading) and can permanently deleted if you click “REMOVE” above each product.
We do not send any data to our server nor any other parties. The extension has no permission to contact any server (except google API to check if the extension was bought and therefore remove the small displayed reminder).
If you use the search form, you’ll be redirected to our affiliate site with search results. We do not store any search result on that website, refer to that website policy if you want to know more.
More info at

ⓘFeatures —
– The comparison table will show all the specs available in the Amazon page (price, pictures, size, colour, product specs, RAM, display size and resolution, HD size etc..), but in a more convenient side-to-side format for comparison. Not meant to be used for products like books or software without a size or hardware specs.
– A text box below each product is also provided to take and persist notes
More info at

ⓘ Supported browsers and OS —
Only tested on Chrome browser, other browsers (e.g. Brave), Chrome OS and Chromium not guaranteed to work.

ⓘ Bugs and contacts —
For bugs, specs not parsed properly, please send us the lists of products and a screenshot of possible. We’ll fix it ASAP


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