Pubmed Impact Factor

Pubmed Impact Factor 6.0

Pubmed Impact Factor:显示影响因子/JCR四分位数、按影响因子/JCR四分位数过滤搜索结果等..

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Pubmed Impact Factor
Pubmed Impact Factor
Pubmed Impact Factor

Pubmed Impact Factor 简介

Show the impact factor (IF) and JCR quartile information (Q1 - Q4) of the journals in PubMed web pages; Filter the search results by impact factors or JCR quartile of journals; Expand or Collapse the snippet; Show or Hide the abstract.

Oct. 20th 2020 updates:
- Optimizations.

Oct. 6th 2020 updates:
- Expand or Collapse the snippet; Show or Hide the abstract.

Aug. 26th 2020 updates:
- Add data of some missing journals. Now our database covers most of the journals in PubMed.
- Show the JCR quartile information (Q1 - Q4) for each journal
- Add checkboxes to filter search results based on the journal of JCR quartile

July 26th 2020 updates:
- Update the database of impact factors to the 2019 version
- Bug fixes

July 18th 2020 updates:
- Update to reflect the changes on PubMed web page tag names
- Bug fixes

June 27th 2020 updates:
- Added data of some missing journals in our google spreadsheet
- Simplified by removing the support to old PubMed
- Bug fixes

Feb 24 2020 updates:
- Using a slide to set IF filter in the filter panel of the webpage (See option)
- Bug fixes

Feb 20 2020 : Updated to support the legacy PubMed.
- Abstract Preview.
- Copy citation to clipboard.

Feb 19 2020 : Updated for the new Pubmed.
- Add a direct link to PMC webpage for the free PMC articles.
- Add impact factor filter to the left setting panel of the webpage.


在PubMed网页中显示期刊的影响因子 (IF) 和JCR四分位数信息 (q1-q4); 按期刊的影响因子或JCR四分位数过滤搜索结果; 展开或折叠片段; 显示或隐藏摘要。


-展开或折叠片段; 显示或隐藏摘要。

-显示每个期刊的JCR四分位数信息 (Q1 - Q4)




-使用幻灯片在网页的过滤器面板中设置IF filter (请参阅选项)

2020年2月20日: 更新以支持传统PubMed。

2020年2月19日: 新Pubmed更新。


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